Hochseilgarten, Seilgarten, Flying Fox - das perfekte Urlaubserlebnis!
Hochseilgarten, Seilgarten, Flying Fox - das perfekte Urlaubserlebnis!
Hochseilgarten, Seilgarten, Flying Fox - das perfekte Urlaubserlebnis!
High Rope Course

High Rope Course

Fun and Excitement - High Rope Course

The High Rope course in the Zillertal provides plenty of variety and thrills. Not only do you need skill and courage but also team work.

All of the equipment used in the High Rope course has been recommended by the Tyrolean Mountaineering Guides!

The Course

Flying Chicken
You fly almost 150m on a zip wire through the forest to base. A super start to the course.

Wooden Ladder Exercise
We climb the 14m long wooden ladder to the base platform (Heaven's Ladder). Take care, the rungs become further and further apart.

Nepal Bridge
The start in your personal journey takes you over the 15m Nepal Bridge. The first time you notice how high you are and you just stare ahead. Dare you look down?!

Magical V
This is a partner exercise, where both must work together, head to head, holding their body weight on their hands!

Dancing Wooden Beams
After the first step, your body adjusts itself quickly to the movement of the varying dancing planks. You'll soon start to feel bolder and find courage from within.

Rope Bridge
Now it really gets going. With this exercise, you'll have to pick a side! What that means, you'll understand once you're in the middle of the bridge.

Hanging Bridge
Our hanging bridge is 20m long and consists of 85 wooden planks, spaced far apart. You'll face dizzying heights but will you be bold enough to go across without holding on?!

Loop Bridge
The Loop Bridge is a pleasure, quickly co-ordinate your body into the perfect positions and you'll find real satisfaction with this exercise.

Flying Beams
You'll soon get used to moving sideways through this part of the course, stretching your legs and arms wide, and you may catch a glimpse of the Spider's Web.

Spider's Web
Not just skill but strength is also required to become Spiderman and negotiate the 6m wide spider's web.

Good Wood
Team Building - these wooden planks are only hanging from the middle and so you must work together to move your weight at the same time.

Formula 1
After a short break, it's then time for the start of Formula 1, swinging from tyre to tyre on the home straight.

Jump Over The Edge
We jump from one platform to the next!

This exercise will show us who is as strong as Hercules. A lot of muscle strength is needed. Chaos in three parts. Now it really gets going! The chaos starts from the first step off the platform! Three different activities to really test your skills and requiring the occasional "deep breath".

Balance Beam
Deep breath and onwards. Whoever risks a glance downwards, may quickly lose their balance. On the other hand, you may be starting to enjoy the altitude!

Egg Timer
Sometimes up, sometimes down! It can happen so quickly if you lose concentration. Skill, movement and balance is now required.

Rope Bridge
For the "Strongmen" the rope bridge is pure fun, everyone else must concentrate on their arm and leg muscles!

Jump into Nirvana
Courage and determination are required for this small jump into nothing. If you wait too long, you may lose your nerve! An extreme adrenalin rush!!

Charlie Chaplin
Move like Charlie Chaplin for this exercise. Feet on the rope and slowly move your hands - then really nothing can go wrong!

Elephant Feet
Take large steps from tree trunk to tree trunk and hold on tight with both hands! But watch out for the pendulum! Tipp: Try going form bottom to top!

Our High Rope Course Offers:

Adlertour (Eagle Tour)

2 1/2 hours full of fun and excitement!

Special price for children:
€ 30,- per person (up to 14 years)

from 40,-
Inquiry & Booking

Mammut Tour (Mammoth Tour)

Approx. 3 hour long spectacular adventure through the High Rope course.

Bookable from 8 people upwards.
Includes lunch.

from 48,-
Inquiry & Booking

High Rope Course - Private Guide

A privately guided tour through the High Rope course.

Special price for 3 people: € 150,-!

from 120,-
Inquiry & Booking


Souvenir photos and video
If you would like a few souvenir photos and a video to take with you, we can film and photograph you during the course. You can then purchase the DVD for € 20,-.

Gift Voucher
Surprise a friend, a colleague or someone celebrating their birthday with a High Rope Course gift voucher.

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