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Cave Trekking & Ice Cave Tours in the Zillertal

Spannagel Cave at the Hintertux Glacier

As everyone knows, the main range of the Alps consists mainly of primitive rock. A geological peculiarity, however, is a stretch of marble (consisting of crystalline limestone) that extends from Hintertux south to the Spannagelhaus. Located in this marble is the Spannagel Cave network with its numerous natural wonders. In 1964 this unique cave with its surroundings was declared by the Austrian government to be a natural monument, but it was a private venture that opened parts of it to the public on 1st July 1994. Throughout the year the professional guides take visitors on a tour of the parts that lie within 500 metres of the entrance. The deeper parts of the cave remain, however, the domain of experienced speleologists. Countless as yet unexplored galleries undoubtedly hold many a surprise in store.

At the entrance to the cave next to the Spannagelhaus visitors are supplied with protective clothing and helmets, skiers get rubber boots. Stone steps then lead down to the Main Gallery, where erosion and debris the size of a football give an idea of the force of the torrents that helped create this network of caves.

An adventurous path over steps cut into the rock leads to the Reunion Hall with a suspension bridge spanning the Dr. Lorenz Shaft. This Spacious cavern with its bands of blue-grey and white marbles is a breath-taking sight for every visitor.

The trail then leads through the so-called Letter-Box to the beginning of the Limestone Gallery, from where still more galleries continue some kilometres into the mountain. A narrow and impressive gallery continues to the Bull‘s Eyes and finally to the Water Gallery, where erosion basins and circular moulins show how this part of the cave developed.

The eastern part of this gallery has been transformed into a museum, where you can see some of the cave‘s treasures. Steep steps climb to the overlying Entrance Labyrinth, where the trail returns to the Main Gallery and finally to the entrance.

The deeper sections of the caves are, however, only suitable for experienced cavers. You can still expect some surprises on numerous unexplored parts!


Basic Cave Tour

Explore the largest cave in the Central Alps - the Spannagel Cave. A tour through this Labyrinth takes approx. 1 hour and is always an adventure for young & old.

Special price for children: €5.50

from 12,-
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Cave Trekking Adventure

Take a longer tour (approx. 2 hours) of the Spannagel Cave and explore the maze, stalagmites, marble, limestone formations, crystals ... - a unique adventure for the inquisitive.

from 50,-
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Natural Ice Palace

Admire a unique wonder of nature on the Hintertux Glacier and take a tour of this natural phenomenon.

from 8,-
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