Tandem Paragliding

Tandem Paragliding

Tandem Paragliding in winter

Paragliding has been around since the 1980s and has quickly developed since. This flying apparatus has given man the unique opportunity to quickly and nimbly take off into the sky, without a motor or complex construction - what a gift!

With a Tandem Paragliding Flight in the Zillertal, you have the opportunity to experience the world from above.

We take you on this fascinating journey, where you can enjoy the Zillertal from the air, something that only a few people are able to experience. Only the very best pilots fly for eFact (including multiple-times Austrian champion and World Cup pilots), whose experience guarantees your safety. Qualified professional Tandem Paraglider pilots take you safely into the air and onto the ground again.

There are various take-off points throughout the Zillertal, with flight altitudes of between 600m and 1800m, and the professional team from eFact guarantees you an extraordinary experience. 

Requirements for Passengers

Requirements for Passengers for a Tandem Paragliding Flight

As a passenger, you require no experience whatsoever. It doesn't matter if you're young or old, heavy or light, big or small. You only need a pair of sturdy shoes (hiking boots are best), a warm jacket and sunglasses - and now you're ready!


  • Children from 4 years and minimum 20kg
  • Maximum weight of 120kg
  • There is no upper age limit - up to now our oldest passenger is 92 years young!
  • No acute cardiovascular conditions or back problems
  • In winter it is also possible to start with skis


  • The flight time is dependant on the thermal conditions, the time of year and the weight of the passenger.
  • Transport to the take-off point is not included in the price, Excluded: First Class Flight 
    (costs between €9 - €25, depending on the starting site). 
  • All passengers receive a free Flight Certificate after landing, if desired.

Our Winter Flight Offers:

Tandem - Super High Flight

  • Flight height differnece from 1200m
  • Flight time min.15 min, max. 20 min
  • Total time required approx. 60 min (Journey to take-off point, etc)

Possible flying areas:
Fügen-Spieljoch, Mayrhofen-Penken

from 120,-
Inquiry & Booking

Tandem - Mega Flight

  • Flight height difference from 1300m
  • Flight time min. 20 min, max. 30 min
  • Total time required approx. 60 min (Journey to take-off point, etc)

Possible flight areas:
Fügen-Onkeljoch, Mayrhofen-Penken Top, Zell-Kreithütte

from 140,-
Inquiry & Booking

Tandem - Mega Flight Plus

  • Flight height difference 1300m-1700m 
  • Flight time min. 25 min, max. 35 min with good thermal weather
  • Total time required approx. 90 min (Journey to take-off point, etc)

Possible flight areas:
Kaltenbach - Kristallhütte/Wedlhütte, Zell - Karspitz, Mayrhofen-Penken

from 165,-
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Tandem - First Class Flight

This flight is ideal for birthdays or other special occasions, a unique flight with perfect details. This Mega Flight starts from 2000m above sea level and includes the following: 

  • Transport to start point
  • Photos with our telescopic camera
  • Video footage during the flight
  • 1 bottle of Piccolo in the air
  • The flight itself lasts approx. 20 - 25 mins
  • Available the whole year

Since we take extra time for the passenger on this flight, we estimate almost 1.5 hours for the whole spectacle.

from 200,-
Inquiry & Booking

Tandem - Glacier flight

  • Flight height difference from 1700m
  • Flight time min. 20 min, max. 30 min
  • Total time required approx. 90 min (Journey to take-off point, etc)

Possible flight areas:

from 250,-
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Flight - Extras (available with every flight)

Souvenir photos on SD card or directly on your smartphone
Immediately after the flight, the passenger receives 30 to 40 high-resolution digital photos as well as a short video (approx. 1 minute) of the flight.

Champagne in the air
If you want to fly with us to celebrate a special occasion, then your pilot will happily serve you a glass of champagne in the air. (Pre-order required!)

Gift Vouchers
Surprise your best friend, a client or someone celebrating a birthday
with a Tandem Paraglider Flight gift voucher.

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Frequent Flyer Bonus
Fly 5 times with us and you'll receive a 6th flight for free!